We have established ARONIA Ireland Ltd to design, develop and deliver effective and appealing products to consumers – based on the amazing properties and health benefits of aronia berries – thanks to their exceptionally high polyphenol content

We are applying extensive science based nutritional insight and consumer understanding to create a range of innovative products under an appealing brand and clear compelling proposition.

With world renowned nutritional expertise and multinational marketing experience, we aim to bring the amazing health benefits of Aronia to market. We are creating a high value nutraceutical range – through converting aronia berry extract into concentrated polyphenol powders and capsules while also using the juice as a refreshing tonic type product.

Good for you, good for society and good for the environment

We have a holistic vision and aspire to develop healthy products that also contribute to public health, the environment and the economy more broadly.

The products we are developing draw upon cutting edge scientific thinking on how diets can help prevent the most critical public health problems of our time

We are further catalysing the vital changes towards plant-based nutrition. Aronia can thrive in the climate of Ireland and the UK. This will assist the agricultural sector in meeting its obligations to address climate change

Supporting farmers to grow Aronia bushes and creating demand for the berries will provide a high value crop, diversifying away from prevailing carbon intensity and opening an opportunity from change

In addition to our R&D programme, Steve’s organic certified farm in west Cork is the first in Ireland to establish a commercial Aronia berry plantation. We are also working with a major UK estate that has just commenced planting.


Dr Steve Collins

Steve is a medical doctor with a PhD in nutrition, awarded an MBE for his services to humanitarian work in Africa. He is Ireland’s first Senior Ashoka Fellow Social Entrepreneur and a renowned expert in the treatment of starvation.

During his 30 years working to alleviate famine, he set up two organisations; Valid International Ltd and an Irish charity Valid Nutrition. He has been instrumental in challenging and changing the way malnutrition is addressed, developing an innovative community-based method for the treatment of malnutrition that is now the global gold standard for the treatment of starvation. Mitigating the effects of climate change is a particular conviction and Steve has been leading R&D work that has produced an exciting amino acid enhanced plant-based nutritional product with proven efficacy in the treatment of malnutrition.

Aronia berries are already grown in many parts of Europe and are very well adapted for growing in Ireland. At Derry Duff, Steve’s organic farm in West Cork, in the hills near Bantry, he is pioneering regenerative agriculture and cutting-edge nutrition and is completing an initial plantation of aronia bushes. Creating successful products using aronia berries would open up huge potential for many rural Irish farmers, as they look to diversify away from carbon intensive practices of sheep and cattle farming.


Paul Murphy

Paul is an experienced business leader and company Director with a background in marketing. He spent 27 years with Unilever in a variety of local and international roles, including Chairman of their Irish operations.

Most recently he has worked with Steve as Chief Executive of Valid Nutrition. In this role he has been driving innovation and change to reform the global market for therapeutic foods – applying customer and consumer focused business practices to improve outcomes for malnourished children.

Health benefits of Aronia

Aronia berries (also known as chokeberries) are a genuine power food – the benefits of which are only now being fully understood.
They have one of the highest polyphenol contents of any berry or vegetable – much higher than popular products such as acai berries and turmeric.

There are a large and rapidly increasing number of studies showing various potential benefits from polyphenols across a wide range of areas linked to metabolic health such as:

  • Cardiovascular function
  • Inflammation and changes associated with ageing,
  • Cognitive function
  • Infections
  • Anti-viral activity
  • Diabetic Control
  • Gut and microbiome health
  • Skin condition

Polyphenols are a range of chemical compounds that constitute the core immune system of plants, functioning to fight infections and deter predators. They are strong antioxidants and have a wide range of physiological benefits that improve human health. Powerful long-term prospective research studies show increased polyphenol intakes are associated with more than 30% reductions in all-cause mortality and cut cardiovascular mortality in half. However, currently, average dietary intake of polyphenols is very low in many European countries, especially, Ireland and the UK.

Aronia berries have one of the highest polyphenol contents of any fruit or vegetable.  By designing specific dietary supplements with exceptionally high polyphenol content, we will offer a unique, natural and sustainable range of products that have huge potential to contribute to better  health.

Please see the separate section of our website (Available shortly)  for more information and supporting scientific evidence on polyphenols and their contribution to metabolic health..


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