We are still in a phase of test / pilot marketing together with undertaking extensive R&D. Following really encouraging reaction to our first batch of PhyterBerry Aronia Juice in 330ml bottles from the 2021 Harvest, we ran out of stock at the end of summer. However, we now have two new juices from the 2022 Harvest available.

Rather like harvesting grapes for wine, with aronia berries, the taste and profile varies – based on the berry variety, the ground on which it is grown, and the weather conditions during the particular growing season.

PHYTERBERRY Organic Aronia Juice in 330ml bottles
[2022 Harvest]

We have just produced a fresh batch of our standard PhyterBerry Organic Aronia Juice at The Apple Farm in Tipperary. This batch has been made from a blend of Steve’s own Galicjanka variety of aronia berries grown in West Cork together with imported organic Galicjanka berries from the family farm in Poland that we have been working with for several years to establish Steve’s plantation. Because this year’s summer was very much warmer, our laboratory testing shows higher levels of both polyphenols and sorbitol (and to a lesser extent sugar,) in the berries when compared to the 2021 harvest.

What does this mean?

The increase in polyphenols is obviously welcome. The increase in Sorbitol, a glucose alcohol that is not absorbed in the small intestine and instead is transported to the large intestine where it acts as a soluble fibre to feed the microbiome is also welcome and does not increase the glycaemic load. However, the levels of sugar (glucose and fructose), although much lower than other fruit juices, were about 25% higher than in 2021. Therefore, to reduce this back towards last year’s levels, we have added 23% of Irish spring water to this fresh batch of juice.

The increases in the polyphenol levels of this year’s berries were substantially more than 25%, and so even with the added spring water, the polyphenol content is higher than in last year’s juice. Therefore, although the taste is marginally sweeter than the previous batch, the juice still provides the same high levels of polyphenols and sorbitol. Because of higher scale production, we have reduced the price considerably.

Our PhyterBerry Organic Aronia juice is available in a 330ml bottle format only at present. It is a retail product and is stocked by a selection of specialist Health Food stores . We are steadily extending distribution and do please contact us for latest information on outlets stocking.

New PHYTERBERRY FORTE Organic Aronia Juice
in 3 Litre bag-in-box

We also now have a new stronger organic juice product: PhyterBerry Forte in a 3L bag-in-box format. This juice is being sourced directly from a Polish organic farm and is also from the 2022 harvest. It is made from a different aronia berry variety to that which we have been using in our bottled juice.

The results of laboratory tests on this new ‘Nero’ aronia berry variety from this season’s harvest, indicate that the polyphenol content is significantly higher than the ‘Galicjanka’ aronia variety used in our standard juice. It is the polyphenols that are the active health giving compounds in aronia juice but the increased content makes the juice from the Nero berries taste more astringent. We are therefore branding this new organic juice as PhyterBerry Forte and directing users to dilute the product with an equal amount of water before consuming, ideally with food. It is 100% safe to consume without dilution but some people may find it not as pleasant.


The price we are offering this new product at is €37.50 (inclusive of VAT)
for a 3 Litre box
Delivery where required, is €7.00/box.This represents a substantial reduction in the cost per polyphenol dose compared to the price we were able to offer previously with the standard juice.

We reckon the FORTE product is likely to appeal most to those who have already tried the standard juice and now want to get a higher concentration of polyphenols. Meanwhile, the standard juice provides a lower intensity of polyphenols
(but still a reasonable daily intake) with a taste that may be more appealing for some of you.

Powders and Capsules

As part of our test marketing, we are pleased to also make available three new PhyterBerry products (in “dry” format as powders or capsules). We hope that these will appeal to people who are seeking a convenient way to increase their polyphenol intake. These powder products can be dissolved in still or sparkling water or added (sprinkled) on other foods such as cereals, milk, shakes or yogurts as you prefer.

PhyterBerry aronia capsules

a jar of 60 capsules each containing 216mg of polyphenols.
We are recommending up to 2 capsules per day which means a daily dose of 432mg of polyphenols.

The price for each jar of 60 capsules is €38.45
(inclusive of VAT)

PhyerBerry aronia powder

a pouch pack of 133g of aronia polyphenol extract containing 187mg of polyphenols per gram. We are recommending a daily amount of one 5ml scoop, equal to 2.3g of aronia powder extract. This provides a daily dose of 430mg of polyphenols.

The price for each 133g pack
(of circa 60 doses) is €35.40
(inclusive of VAT).

PhyterBerry Forte aronia powder sachets

a pouch pack of 132g comprising 30 unit doses packed in individual sachets, each containing 820 mg of polyphenols. This is therefore our strongest product.

The price for each pack of 30 sachets is €46.00
(inclusive of VAT).

Postage where required will be €5.00 per delivery.

The power of purple –
and Polyphenols

You may well have heard that bright colours from fruits and vegetables are very good for your health and that is because many of the highly beneficial polyphenols are also strong pigments. Aronia has an exceptionally high polyphenol content compared to most other fruits and vegetables and the intense colour in these powdered products is a confirmation of that.

For example, you will notice that because our PhyterBerry powders are pure unadulterated aronia powder extract, there is virtually no taste at all but that they have an extremely intense purple colour! This is mainly a consequence of their high very levels of anthocyanins, a group of polyphenols strongly associated with cardiovascular benefits, that exist in the aronia berries in large amounts.

By way of comparison, for those of you who have already been using our PhyterBerry Aronia Juice, the polyphenol content of the 2021 Galicjanka variety harvest used in that product was 140mg / 100 ml. The 2022 Galicjanka harvest has a higher polyphenol content of 230mg / 100 ml due to the hotter summer weather. In fact, the 2022 harvest of the Nero variety of aronia berries that we use to make PhyterBerry Forte juice, has a polyphenol content of 530mg / 100ml.

To order any of these PHYTERBERRY products, please contact us at:

info@aroniaireland.com with your name and address and quantities required.
We now have an on-line payments system and on confirmation of your order,
we will despatch the goods via An Post and send you an invoice so that you can make payment by clicking a link 
and paying by credit/debit card – or by a bank transfer if you prefer.

We will shortly have a direct click order and pay facility on the website as well

Availability in retail outlets

We are very grateful to all those retailers who have supported us so far. The following is a list of some of the stores that have been stocking PhyterBerry products. Now that we have new stock available, we hope to re-fill shelves and extend availability of our new products also!

Please do let us have your feedback and any questions 

We are learning all the time about what consumers like and we hope you can provide reactions to these latest products in due course. Our ambitious R&D programme is also progressing and we will continue to update our website with further scientific information and news on developments. You can also follow us on Instagram (@phyterberry)
Twitter (@PhyterBerry) for updates.