PhyterBerry ARONIA Pure Juice – for your metabolic health.

The science of nutrition can seem quite complicated and we want to help you understand more about the importance of metabolic health – and the wonderful properties of the polyphenols in our PhyterBerry Aronia.

Your metabolism is the foundation of your health  — effectively, it’s the chemical reactions that break down food and drink to provide metabolic energy.  This in turn gives you the vitality to go about your daily life and is used to build and repair your body.

Noticeable factors such as excess body fat, fatigue and a lack of vitality indicate a struggling metabolism, that if not addressed, often gravitate towards more serious problems in the form of metabolic syndrome. This can include high blood pressure, high blood sugar and/or raised blood levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol, and is associated with multiple chronic conditions such diabetes, cardiac disease, strokes, eye disease, cancer and dementia.

Polyphenols are chemical compounds that occur in plants to defend them against predators and disease and protect them from environmental stress and degeneration.  When consumed as part of your diet, they perform the same function.  This effectively transfers to you the plant’s exceptional protection mechanisms to act against predators and to scavenge and detoxify the harmful compounds to which you are inevitably exposed as part of day to day life.

Polyphenols also optimise how your body metabolises food, specifically lowering blood glucose levels after eating and in so doing, preventing insulin resistance, the key cause of metabolic syndrome.

There is growing evidence that a high intake of polyphenols contributes to a healthy diet, serving to protect metabolism and prevent the development and progression of metabolic syndrome.  Traditionally a high polyphenol intake has been achieved by a diet rich in foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, plant seasoning, spices, and virgin olive oil and even the odd glass of red wine or cup of coffee.  However, ensuring a high polyphenol intake with a modern, often highly processed diet can be difficult, time consuming and expensive.  This is where PhyterBerry Aronia steps in.

The Aronia in PhyterBerry  have one of the highest polyphenol content of any fruits or vegetable making a daily dose an ideal supplement to help invigorate and protect your metabolism, contributing  to keeping you vibrant and healthy. 

Suggested daily amount of our Tonic is 100ml – which can be taken in one go or two 50ml “shots”.

In summary supporting metabolic health means, protecting cardiac function, lowering blood pressure and blood glucose, and reducing your weight.

Our objective is that our “Phyter” berries will battle to help protect your health, vitality and youthfulness

For those interested in learning more about the science, our website will soon be providing extensive details and references to underpin all our health claims about this exceptional fruit.