Aronia Ireland Ltd. has developed a range of aronia products under our PhyterBerry™ brand.  

We are still in an exciting phase of test / pilot marketing together and continue to undertake extensive Research & Development.

We have produced a range of aronia berry products in the form of aronia capsules, aronia juice, aronia concentrates and aronia powders.  We are continuing to develop new aronia berry products to extend our PhyterBerry™ brand even further and we hope to bring these to market very soon!

NEW!! PhyterBerry™ FORTE Organic Aronia Essence

We are delighted to announce that our new PhyterBerry™ Organic Aronia Essence, from our Phyterberry™ Forte range, is now available.  

This is a 500ml bottle of concentrate from 100% organic aronia berries.  We recommend a serving of 15ml that you dilute with water.  Each serving will provide you with 663mg of polyphenols!

Our PhyterBerry™ Organic Aronia Essence is made from 100% organic aronia berries and nothing else.  It contains only natural sugars in small amounts, which all come from the aronia berries themselves.  The total amount of the natural sugar in our PhyterBerry™ Essence is half that of most other concentrates available. 

You can purchase our Essence and all our other products in our Shop

Bottled aronia juice

PhyterBerry™ Organic Aronia Juice in 330ml bottles – 2023 Vintage

We produced the latest batch of our standard PhyterBerry™ Organic Aronia Juice at The Apple Farm in Tipperary in autumn 2023. This natural cold pressed juice has been made from a blend of Steve’s own Galicjanka variety of aronia berries grown in West Cork together with imported organic Galicjanka berries from the family farm in Poland that we have been working with for several years. We intend to produce our juice entirely from berries which are all grown in Ireland as soon as we can but at the moment, demand for this juice exceeds the supply from Steve’s plantation.
In recent months, Steve has facilitated several more farmers to start to grow aronia organically in Ireland with more planning to commence cultivation soon.

Just like grapes and wine, every harvest of aronia berries results in a slightly different taste and nutritional profile of the juice produced. This is due to factors such as the berry variety, the ground where grown (terroir), and the climate during the growing season, all having an impact on the juice.

Our laboratory test results on this new batch show a high level of polyphenols of 221mg per 100ml. The natural sugar content at 6.4g per 100ml of aronia juice is very much lower than most other fruit juices.

Our PhyterBerry™ Organic Aronia juice is only available in a 330ml bottle format at present. It is a retail product and is stocked by a selection of specialist Health Food stores.  We are steadily extending our distribution network and for trade customers, this product is also available from Wholefoods wholesalers. Please Contact Us for further information on where you can purchase or see our stockist listing here

organic aronia juice

PhyterBerry™ FORTE Organic Aronia Juice in 3 Litre bag-in-box

We have a higher polyphenol organic juice product: PhyterBerry™ Forte in a 3L bag-in-box format.

This juice is being sourced directly from a single family owned Polish organic farm that we have partnered with to supply berries and also aronia plants to Irish growers. It is made using state of the art pressing and pasteurisation technology, in particular a plate pasteuriser designed to maximise the polyphenol content. Our manufacturing processes include multiple steps to ensure only quality berries, free from any contaminates, are selected and pressed ensuring our juice is pure and effective.

Our Forte juice also uses a different aronia variety compare to our bottled juice. Our lab’ analysis shows that this new ‘Nero’ aronia berry variety has a polyphenol content that is significantly higher than the ‘Galicjanka’ aronia variety used in our standard juice. The high polyphenol content can make the juice taste slightly more astringent.

Therefore, we branded this new organic juice as PhyterBerry™ FORTE and we are directing users to dilute the product with an equal amount of water or sparkling water before consuming, ideally with food. It is 100% safe to consume without dilution but some people may find it too astringent.

This product is a natural cold pressed juice made from 100% organic aronia berries (not from concentrate). Our recommended daily amount of 100ml provides 530mg of polyphenols. There is no added sugar and the natural sugar content is only 6.36g per 100ml.

Once opened, the pack can be used for 30 days and it does not require refrigeration provided it is stored upright in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight. As such, it offers convenience and value in a packaging format which is more sustainable than most other options as the number of packs required to supply 3L of juice is only one pack.

Our PhyterBerry™ FORTE product is likely to appeal most to those who
have already tried the standard juice and now want to get a higher dose of
polyphenols. Meanwhile, the standard juice provides a lower amount of polyphenols (but still a reasonable daily intake) with a taste that may be more appealing to some customers.

Powders and Capsules

As part of our test marketing, we are pleased to also make available three new PhyterBerry™ products in “dry” format as aronia powders and aronia capsules. 

We hope that these will appeal to people who are seeking a convenient way to increase their polyphenol intake. These powder products can be dissolved in still or sparkling water or added (sprinkled) on other foods such as cereals, smoothies or yogurts as you prefer.

For the aronia capsules we recommend a daily dose of 2 capsules per day.

PhyterBerry Aronia Capsules

a jar of 60 capsules each containing 227mg of polyphenols.
We are recommending up to 2 capsules per day which means a daily dose of 454mg of polyphenols.

The price for each jar of 60 capsules is €38.45
(inclusive of VAT)

PhyterBerry Forte Aronia Powder

a pouch pack of 100g of aronia extract. We are recommending 3.25g per day. This provides a daily dose of 565mg of polyphenols – and allows circa one month’s usage from the pack for one person. For guidance, a level teaspoon would contain around 2.3g of this aronia extract powder.

The price for each 100g pack
is €35.40
(inclusive of VAT).

PhyterBerry Organic Freeze Dried Powder

a pot pack of 100g. We are recommending 4g of this powder (up to twice daily). Each 4g dose (equivalent to around one teaspoon of this powder) provides 300mg of polyphenols.

The price for 100g pack is €12.93
(inclusive of VAT).

To order any of our PhyterBerry™ products, please visit our Shop or Contact Us

Important Information for Consumers

All our products are derived from pure aronia berries however the potent physiological benefits of aronia means that our range of PhyterBerry FORTE products should be regarded and consumed as nutraceuticals. The benefits are because they have a particularly high concentration of a range of phytonutrients called polyphenols that multiple scientific trials demonstrate have a wide array of health benefits.

In a few susceptible individuals, some studies show that suddenly consuming high levels of polyphenols can cause some gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and occasionally diarrhoea, especially during the start of use or if consumed on an empty stomach. This is not dangerous but it can be unpleasant. To prevent these symptoms, we recommend that our PhyterBerry FORTE products are consumed with food and, in the case of the Juice and Essence, are diluted to a strength that suits an individual’s palate. (Guidelines on dilution are on pack labels).

For first time users, we also suggest that during the first few days of use, the dose consumed at any one time is gradually increased to work up to our recommended daily amount.  The recommended daily amount should not be exceeded.

Polyphenols are likely to work better in combination with a diet that is high in fibre.  Fibre includes both soluble fibre from beans and legumes for example, and insoluble fibre from green veg’ for example.  These are generally deficient in Irish and British diets and we highly recommend increasing their intake.  Conversely, diets high in refined carbohydrates such as sugars, saturated fat and emulsifiers found in highly processed foods, are unhealthy and also may decrease the effectiveness of polyphenols (by impairing the microbiome).

Food supplements should also not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
Do not exceed the recommended daily amount.
Keep containers out of reach of children.

Availability in Retail Outlets

We are very grateful to all retailers who have supported us so far. 

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Please do let us have your feedback and any questions 

We are learning all the time about what consumers like and we would love to receive your feedback on our latest products, please do get in touch and let us know! Our ambitious R&D programme is also progressing and we will continue to update our website with further scientific information and news on product developments.

We pride ourselves on our scientific focus and we have amassed a large amount of rigorous studies which evaluate the health benefits of aronia.  If you are interested in learning more about the science or any specific studies, please contact us and we will be happy to share details with you.

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